key corporate contacts


E-textbook Distribution Content Enhancement

Kevin Hoyle

Account Executive, Publisher Relations

office 919.645.9603


​Karen Greenleaf

Business Development Manager

office 617.523.1770

Paula Gordon

Director of Operations

office 919.755.8061

Doug Latham

VP, Operations

office 617.523.1770

Institution Sales & Service

Reseller Sales & Service


E-textbook Programs & Integration


E-commerce Fulfillment


Daniel P. Behan
Director of Institutional Sales
office 717.743.6742

Ignacio van Gelderen
International Account Manager
office 919.755.8078

​USER SUPPORT ​public relations
VitalSource Bookshelf Media & Speaking Inquiries
Sean McKeever
Manager, Support Services
office 919.755.8051


Lisa Horak

Public Relations Manager

office 615.213.4441

Direct 24/7 Support
US/Canada 855.200.4146