VitalSource is the preferred and most used e-textbook platform in higher education today. Currently partnering with more than two hundred publishers around the world, VitalSource Bookshelf® accounts for more e-textbook units sold in higher education than any other e-textbook platform or format. Why?


VitalSource is the most flexible e-textbook platform:


  • Students gain instant access to content—code free
  • Seamless management of drop/add period
  • Ideal for institutions that include materials in tuition
  • Set custom expiration dates for online and downloadable content
  • Industrial strength DRM


Compatible Learning Management Systems:



Students can access the content & tools they need anytime:


  • Online, downloadable, mobile (iOS® and Android™)
  • Students can search all of their books
  • Notes and highlights sync: students can maintain their notes whether they are on a browser, PC, or iPad®
  • Highly accessible (508 and 504 compliant)


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