e-textbook programs MADE EASY


Many higher education institutions have discovered that switching to e-textbook delivery improves supply chain efficiency, saves students money, and provides the best reading experience for the user. VitalSource’s e-textbook platform is the market leader in assisting schools with this transition. Why?




By integrating with VitalSource Bookshelf®, your institution gains access to an industrial strength, proven, and highly scalable enterprise platform that is built entirely for digital content delivery to higher education institutions.


VitalSource has proven that integrating with your Learning Management System (LMS) is the most effective way to distribute digital books. There is no need for students to create accounts or redeem codes manually. By implementing a VitalSource Single Sign-On (SSO), students can launch their e-textbooks directly from their course in your institution’s LMS.



  • No need for students to create accounts
  • Instant access to content
  • Improved student user experience
  • Seamless management of drop/add period
  • Dramatically lower student support calls
  • No need to manually receive and distribute e-book redemption codes
  • Ideal for institutions that include materials in tuition


Compatible LMS Systems




Our system is not constrained to traditional textbook delivery, a single file format, or a single mode of delivery. VitalSource Bookshelf is as portable as any reader on the market–available in online, offline, and mobile modalities.


Both XML and PDF-based source files are supported. Digital content is most often textbooks from a trusted publisher, but the system accommodates all types of digital “assets”: chapters, parts of books, trade books, and multimedia. As your institution’s content needs evolve, VitalSource’s system is engineered to support any type of digital content delivery, including support of self-published and open-source content.


VitalSource Bookshelf is the world’s most advanced e-book reader, designed by educators for education. Our solution provides the best student experience:

  • Students can search all of their books
  • Notes and highlights sync: students can maintain their notes whether they are on a browser, PC, or iPad®.
  • Highly accessible (508 and 504 compliant)



Our institutional customers are empowered to make their own decisions.


  • Set custom expiration dates for both online and downloadable content
  • Select your preferred file format
  • Choose your own publishers and content
  • Take control of costs—set your own prices by negotiating directly with publishers
  • Self-publish your institution’s own content, or use open source content

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