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Delivering digital content to more than 2.3 million users on 6,000 campuses in 180 countries, VitalSource Bookshelf® is the preferred and most used e-textbook platform available today. We also offer content enhancement capabilities that enrich the classroom and bring instructional content to life. Whether through interactive learning objects, e-textbooks, animation, and video, VitalSource transforms content into a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Content Conversion, Authoring, and Production

Our partnership with Metrodigi® provides educational publishers with a powerful end-to-end solution for the production and distribution of customizable, interactive digital products.  As a result, publishers can develop robust interactive content more efficiently and affordably, and students will be able to access highly interactive and visual course materials across a wide range of devices through the VitalSource Bookshelf e-Reader and distribution platform. More>>



VitalSource produces custom learning objects that can be integrated into e-textbooks, learning management systems (LMS), websites, and interactive whiteboard products. Through our web-based FLOE (Flexible Learning Object Editor) technology—based on XML—publishers can create HTML5 learning objects, review and edit them in real-time, and then deploy them to a variety of learning platforms including mobile devices. More>> 



vPage is VitalSource’s solution for educational publishers that need a customizable premium e-textbook platform. vPage features include embedded interactive learning objects, read-aloud text to voice synchronization, and the ability for teachers to customize the content and add their own links.  vPage e-textbooks take full advantage of cloud computing and can be easily integrated into learning management systems and delivered on computers and tablet devices. More>>




VitalSource developed the vLesson platform to enable publishers and educational organizations to develop engaging and effective Interactive Whiteboard products. vLesson is compatible with any whiteboard hardware including SMART™ and Promethean. vLesson transforms your whiteboard content into an intuitive application that can be easily customized and personalized by a teacher in advance of class. Teachers can rearrange material, mark-up text, and even create their own learning objects. More>>


video production


VitalSource works with publishers and learning organizations to transform static content into engaging rich media experiences. Whether it’s through animation, video, or audio, our award-winning work brings the content alive for students and teachers. VitalSource has special expertise in the field of educator professional development video, where our clients include New Leaders for New Schools, the National Center on Time and Learning and the New York City Department of Education. More>>





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