FLOE® (Flexible Learning Object Editor)


FLOE® is a flexible and powerful platform for creating, authoring, and producing interactive learning objects. It uses HTML5 templates to dynamically construct learning objects based on XML data.

Key Benefits

Publishers can create their own learning objects quickly and cost-effectively using the VitalSource® FLOE platform. Unlike other template-based systems, publishers aren’t restricted to a small set of available activities and designs. In addition, we are extending the template library frequently to continuously satisfy new feature requests.

A Powerful, Yet Simple Authoring Tool

Once the publisher’s subject matter expert (SME) chooses an authoring template, they simply use their web browser to enter content for each learning object. With a simple set of WYSIWYG formatting tools, the SME is not required to know special markup conventions or HTML. Once content is authored, the SME can immediately preview their results on the web and validate their work. They can also go back to the template and make revisions and adjustments as required, in real-time.

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E-mail Mike if you're ready to get started with FLOE.