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Vital Source Technologies, the world’s leading e-textbook provider, and Blackboard have partnered to deliver all the benefits of the VitalSource® Bookshelf® within the Blackboard LearnTM 9.1 platform, Service Packs 8 and above. 


The integrated solution is designed to meet the unique needs and business models of institutions:


Tuition Inclusive: Ideal for Career schools and Higher Ed schools that include textbooks as part of the tuition. Students are pre-licensed to have access to their course textbooks within their Blackboard Learn environment.


Student Choice: Instructors can search, sample and adopt from the most extensive inventory of e-textbooks, and make them available directly for students to purchase within their Blackboard course environment with a single click.


This solution is a win-win-win for institutions, instructors and students:


  • Mobile. This is the first time students and instructors will be able to access both their courses and e-textbooks through Blackboard MobileTM Learn, which is available as a native application on iOS and Android devices. VitalSource e-textbooks are configured to work with the Apple iPhone®, Apple iPad®, Apple iPod touch®, AndroidTM, and Amazon Kindle Fire® devices in addition to online/browser-based access.

  • Savings. Institutions and instructors have the opportunity to recommend a lower-cost textbook option to students.

  • Clarity. An improved reading experience allows instructors to direct students to the exact section of an e-textbook. This eliminates any confusion with students about required readings, leading to higher engagement in course materials.

  • Choice. Institutions and instructors have access to a complete catalogue of e-textbooks because of Vital Source’s collaboration with over 300 publishers from around the world.



  • Support for the Blackboard Learn 9.1 environment including SP8 and later

  • Single sign-on (SSO) to Bookshelf

  • Instant access to content

  • Download support for Windows®, Mac®, iOS®, and Android™

  • Support for Blackboard Mobile™ users

  • Simple setup for any administrator

  • Easy content selection for instructors

  • One click sampling of new titles

  • Fast course construction with deep links and integrated grade book

  • Instructor usage reporting from within the course

  • Online and download usage

  • Integrated accessibility for all environments

  • Rich media, integrated activities, and MathML support