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Engagement Dashboards

The VitalSource Engagement Dashboards provide easy access to student engagement data, unlocking new insights from the analysis of adoptions to understanding individual study habits.

  • Rollups by student, book, course and university
  • Smart filters to pinpoint specific datasets
  • Fast data exports
VitalSource engagement dashboards
graph showing data feeds

Data Feeds

VitalSource data feeds provide near real-time access to your student's interactions with VitalSource Bookshelf. Leveraging the IMS Caliper format for streamlined integration, partners can combine VitalSource Bookshelf events with other data sets to power their own tools, unlocking new insights around student success.

  • Leverages the IMS Caliper standard
  • Near real-time data stream
  • Our most granular data
IMS global certified. current registration: imscert.org

Let us help you decide which you need

Engagement Dashboards Data Feeds
Data Universe All Bookshelf Events Caliper-supported Events
Granularity Book, Student, Day* Clickstream, Page-level
Update Frequency Daily Near Real-time
Supporting Metadata Included in Reports Available via API
Delivery Mechanism Web Portal Caliper-formatted JSON

*User-level data is limited to user-creators, integration terms.

For more information, see our privacy policy.

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