Take Part In The CSU Rent Digital Program With VitalSource

Give Students More Choice And More Savings

VitalSource is privileged to partner with CSU in the CSU Affordable Learning Solutions Rent Digital Program to offer over 4,500 titles across academic curricula as eTextbooks at savings of 60% or more compared to new print textbooks

Getting Started Is Easy:

  1. Sign In

    If you're not already signed in to VitalSource, click 'SIGN IN' at the top of the page.

    First time signing in? There's a good chance a publisher has already set up an instructor account for you. Try using your campus email address to sign in, and click "Forgot Password" to reset your password. If that doesn't work, create an account.

  2. Review Booklist

    Look for eTextbooks from the list of over 8,000 titles currently available through VitalSource.

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  3. Get eTextbooks

    Use Search at the top of the page to locate the eTextbooks you want in our digital catalog and add them to your VitalSource Bookshelf by clicking the "Request Copy" or "Add to Bookshelf" button.

  4. Tell Your Bookstore And Your Students

    To tell your bookstore, use the VitalSource ISBN on your textbook requisition form. To tell your students, provide them with information about how they can purchase the eTextbook.

Help give students more choice and more savings through the CSU Rent Digital Program with VitalSource.


More than one third of CSU students prefer digital textbooks over print. Now you can give students that choice.

VitalSource supports the academic freedom of CSU faculty and is publisher and device agnostic. Students will find titles across many publishers, over 40 and counting. And whether they prefer to read online or offline, or use eTextbooks on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, the choice is theirs.


CSU students are now paying on average over $1,000 per year for textbooks. Collectively, that's over $3 million annually. Choosing digital can save them up to 60% off, which means a savings of $400 per student, and $1.2 million per year collectively!