Expand Your Business With Digital Sales

Include digital educational content in your distribution channels. Give students more choice with less work.

Massive Selection

With our vast catalog of digital content available to bookstores and distributors, you don’t have to manage hundreds of publisher relationships to get it.

Digital Sales Fulfillment

To fulfill your digital sales,we provide the interactive reading plaform used by millions of students and educators world-wide.

Seamless Integration

Our flexible technology and platform supports seamless integrations with campus bookstores, learning management systems and other content distribution models.

VitalSource Access

Universities want to reduce costs and improve outcomes for students. VitalSource Access makes it easy to help the bookstore. VitalSource delivers affordable, critical course materials directly to the students and 100% of the transactions go through the bookstores.

  • The bookstore becomes an integral part of the college’s transition to digital.
  • Students have access to the correct course materials on first day of class.
  • Student opt-out is easily managed.
  • Add/drop periods are easily managed.
VitalSource Access

Developer Network

Visit our web site for developers for access to technical documentation and other resources for integration with VitalSource systems to create engaging experiences with our content and enterprise APIs.

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