VitalSource Professional Services

Working alongside publishers, institutions, and corporations, VitalSource offers a healthy selection of services to help optimize digital learning materials through fluid integration and immersive enhancements.

For Publishers

Utilize our experience and industry knowledge to develop and deliver digital learning materials on pace with the speed modern education.

For Institutions

Easily provide educators the tools they need to deliver an exceptional learning experience framed within a modern educational environment.

For Corporations

Improve accessibility of your corporate training materials, guarantee compliance, and support continuous improvement through enhancements.


Improved production value

Ensure that your content meets the expectations of the modern learner, from digital-first material to supporting media, such as videos and animations.


Optimized accessibility

We assist with complete integration into your applications and learning ecosystems so your content is easily accessible no matter the device or platform.


Customized and contemporary

Convert static PDFs to a dynamic format (EPUB3) with added engaging content such as: videos, animations, and simulations, all optimized for delivery across the most widely used platforms and devices.


Effective content delivery

An easy-to-use platform that has all the modern features and capabilities users today expect ensures your digital content offers an exceptional experience


Intuitive content navigation

A full staff of interface and content design specialists help create and easily navigable framework around your content so users can easily locate the information they need.


Content distribution

An additional channel to extend the reach of your content, enable your sales and marketing efforts, and provide insight into constructive usage data.

Beyond eTextbook delivery—a complete digital content solutions and consultations partner.

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