Bookshelf® CoachMe provides you with free embedded practice throughout your eText.

Located in the margins and at the end of the chapter, Bookshelf CoachMe is what you need to level up your study experience.

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Bookshelf + CoachMe

Prepare, practice, and focus take on a whole new meaning with Bookshelf CoachMe

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Practice makes perfect.

The first step is to get acquainted with your built-in coach: Bookshelf CoachMe. Look for the icon located in the margin throughout your eText and get ready for opportunities to practice and learn by doing.


Get ready for success.

Bookshelf CoachMe's AI-generated questions in the margin and at the end of the chapter assist you in staying on track, keeping your focus, and improving your grades.


Studying made simple and effective.

Learn-by-Doing is an approach based on learning science that has been proven to improve your grades and study experience. How? By discovering what you know and identifying where to focus, all while you build confidence and improve your grades.

Build Confidence

Confidence looks good on you.

You want good grades. We want that for you too. Your Bookshelf CoachMe practice questions and knowledge checks will help you stay on track, so you can show up to class with confidence.

Stay Focused

Own your time.

Bookshelf CoachMe quickly shows you what you know and what you need to spend more time on, so you can maximize your study sessions and take control of your time.

Improve Your Grades

Level Up.

The equation for success is simple. Prepare + Practice + Focus = Increased Confidence and Better Grades.

Why Bookshelf CoachMe?

  • Study fast. Study smart.
  • Improve your grades.
  • Build confidence.
  • It’s completely free!