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  • The New Organic Grower

    A Master's Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener, 30th Anniversary Edition
    by Eliot Coleman
    • Edition: 3rd
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $40.76 CAD
  • The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Pest and Disea...

    A Complete Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Garden and Yard the Earth-Friendly Way
    by Fern Marshall Bradley; Barbara W. Ellis; Deborah L. Martin
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $14.99 CAD
  • Gaia's Garden

    A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture
    by Toby Hemenway
    • Edition: 2nd
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $39.50 CAD
    • CoachMe Included
  • Desert or Paradise

    Restoring Endangered Landscapes Using Water Management, Including Lake and Pond Construction
    by Sepp Holzer
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $39.16 CAD
  • The Rodale Book of Composting, Newly Revised and Updated

    Simple Methods to Improve Your Soil, Recycle Waste, Grow Healthier Plants, and Create an Earth-Friendly Garden
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $10.99 CAD
  • Edible Salad Garden

    by Rosalind Creasy
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $12.99 CAD
  • Edible French Garden

    by Rosalind Creasy
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $19.99 CAD
  • Texas Organic Gardening

    by J. Howard Garrett
    • Format: Reflowable
    • From $10.40 CAD
  • The Organic Rose Garden

    by Liz Druitt
    • Format: Reflowable
    • From $15.60 CAD
  • Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation

    Simple to Advanced and Experimental Techniques for Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation
    by Tradd Cotter
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $54.24 CAD
  • Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening

    How to Grow Nutrient-Dense, Soil-Sprouted Greens in Less Than 10 days
    by Peter Burke
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $40.76 CAD
  • The Colorful Dry Garden

    Over 100 Flowers and Vibrant Plants for Drought, Desert & Dry Times
    by Maureen Gilmer
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $14.99 CAD
  • Organic Tobacco Growing in America

    And Other Earth-Friendly Farming
    by Mike Little
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $16.33 CAD
  • Organic Lawn Care

    Growing Grass the Natural Way
    by Howard Garrett
    • Format: Reflowable
    • From $5.50 CAD
  • Handbook of Pest Management in Organic Farming

    by Vincenzo Vacante; Serge Kreiter
    • Edition: 1st
    • Format: Fixed
    • $372.36 CAD
  • The Complete Gardener

    A Practical, Imaginative Guide to Every Aspect of Gardening
    by Monty Don
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $16.99 CAD
  • Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden, Revised and Up...

    A Natural Approach to Pest Control
    by Jessica Walliser
    • Edition: 2nd
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $37.99 CAD
  • Biodynamic Preparations Around the World

    Insightful Case Studies from Six Continents
    by Ueli Hurter
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $22.26 CAD
  • Kentucky Heirloom Seeds

    Growing, Eating, Saving
    by Bill Best
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $29.90 CAD
  • Many Hands Make a Farm

    47 Years of Questioning Authority, Feeding a Community, and Building an Organic Movement
    by Jack Kittredge; Julie Rawson
    • Edition: 1st
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $34.00 CAD