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  • Moments of Clarity

    Voices from the Front Lines of Addiction and Recovery
    by Christopher Kennedy Lawford
    • Format: Reflowable
    • From £4.15 GBP
  • On Bereavement

    by Tony Walter
    • Edition: 1st
    • Format: Fixed
    • From £17.92 GBP
  • Caught

    In Denial, In the Act, & In the Arms of a Loving God: A Story of a Marriage Lost and a Marriage Redeemed
    by John Iobst; Robbie Iobst
    • Format: Reflowable
    • From £1.97 GBP
  • The Drug Pandemic

    An American Tragedy
    by Kent I Phillips MS MSAC APA
    • Format: Reflowable
    • £3.15 GBP
  • The Narcotic Farm

    The Rise and Fall of America's First Prison for Drug Addicts
    by Nancy D. Campbell; JP Olsen; Luke Walden
    • Format: Fixed
    • £25.00 GBP
  • Relax on Impact

    Transformation and Empowerment Through Surrender
    by Jill Haire
    • Format: Reflowable
    • From £1.97 GBP
  • Finding Your Best Self

    Recovery from Addiction, Trauma, or Both
    by Lisa M. Najavits
    • Format: Fixed
    • From £7.80 GBP
  • Substance Abuse

    Your Questions Answered
    by Romeo Vitelli
    • Edition: 1st
    • Format: Reflowable
    • From £17.33 GBP
  • The Heart of Addiction

    A New Approach to Understanding and Managing Alcoholism and Other Addictive Behaviors
    by Lance Dodes
    • Format: Reflowable
    • From £3.95 GBP
  • Killing Pain

    Understanding the Opioid Pandemic and the American Obsession with Oxycontin, Heroin, and Other Painkillers
    by Robert Hayward
    • Format: Reflowable
    • £7.89 GBP
  • Second Chances

    by Stromberg, Gary; Merrill, Jane
    • Edition: 1st
    • Format: Fixed
    • £14.21 GBP
  • Expanding Addiction: Critical Essays

    by Granfield, Robert; Reinarman, Craig
    • Format: Fixed
    • From £19.80 GBP
  • Pain Recovery

    How to Find Balance and Reduce Suffering from Chronic Pain
    by Mel Pohl; Frank J. Szabo, Jr.; Daniel Shiode; Robert Hunter
    • Format: Reflowable
    • £14.99 GBP
  • Stop Sex Addiction

    Real Hope, True Freedom for Sex Addicts and Partners
    by Milton S Magness
    • Format: Reflowable
    • £7.99 GBP
  • Tails of Recovery

    Addicts and the Pets That Love Them
    by Nancy A. Schenck
    • Format: Reflowable
    • £14.99 GBP
  • Mommy's Gone to Treatment

    by Denise D. Crosson
    • Format: Reflowable
    • £10.99 GBP
  • Picking Up the Pieces without Picking Up

    A Guidebook through Victimization for People in Recovery
    by Jennifer Storm
    • Format: Reflowable
    • £11.99 GBP
  • Finding Recovery and Yourself in Torah

    A Daily Spiritual Path to Wholeness
    by Rabbi Mark Borovitz
    • Edition: 1st
    • Format: Reflowable
    • £13.42 GBP
  • The Motherfucker with the Hat (TCG Edition)

    by Stephen Adly Guirgis
    • Format: Reflowable
    • £12.99 GBP
  • Finding a Spiritual Path Through an Addictive Culture

    by Raymond F. Dlugos
    • Format: Reflowable
    • £2.36 GBP
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