VitalSource Access

We make alternate business models easy and seamless with your existing campus systems.

We Can Help With Opt-Out!

VitalSource provides Opt-Out Solutions for our customers which are seamless to the student and to the institution.

  • VitalSource Powered Opt-Out— Take the hard work out of managing the opt-out process. Students need to enter data only if they're opting-out— easy and simple.
  • Premium Opt-Out Experience— VitalSource is the first and only platform directly integrated with Verba Connect. If your institution already has an agreement with Verba Connect, then you can take advantage of our tight integration for seamless delivery and opt-out management.

What is VitalSource Access?

Universities want to reduce costs and improve outcomes for students. VitalSource Access makes it easy to help the bookstore. VitalSource delivers affordable, critical course materials directly to the students and 100% of the transactions go through the bookstores.

  • The bookstore becomes an integral part of the college's transition to digital.
  • Students have access to the correct course materials on first day of class.
  • Student opt-out is easily managed.
  • Add/drop periods are easily managed.
VitalSource Access

What might this look like?

VitalSource works with bookstores and universities to generate census data after the add/drop period. VitalSource then works with you to customize a solution right for you. Here is an example of this model:


After the add/drop period, Student Bursar accounts are balanced and the bookstore collects funds.


University/bookstore pays VitalSource for course materials accessed minus bookstore margins.


VitalSource pays respective content providers minus VitalSource agreed margins.

All students enrolled in the course obtain the course materials through the university bookstore.

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