VitalSource White Label Store

Customizable with your university's branding, the VitalSource White Label Store is a simple way to create a more personalized and convenient e-commerce digital material purchasing experience for students, faculty, and local booksellers.

white label store demo page

Why Choose a White Label Store

  • For Your Students – An easy and convenient way to securely purchase digital course materials online direct from your bookstore
  • For Your Faculty – Always have an answer to the age old question "Where can I find this eTextbook?"
  • For Local Bookstores – A centralized location to securely purchase the eTextbooks requested by your faculty and keep the sale in your bookstore
  • For You – An exclusive digital content solution for all your campus wide content, easily accessible by you, your faculty, and students

There's More!

  • Get a unique URL along with a custom logo and color scheme all linked to your university bookstore
  • Create your very own personalized VitalSource eTextbook catalog for use as a companion to your institution's parent website
  • Bookstore partners can generate custom links for students that make affiliation simple to manage
  • Keep track of sales, research trends and improve overall store performance using your store sales dashboard

VitalSource Bookshelf

One platform to access all your digital course materials—anywhere, anytime—on the most widely used devices.

  • Filter by content and discipline
  • Drill down to specific subject matter for quick access
  • Create bookmarks with one click
  • Navigate seamlessly from one bookmark to another
  • Create and share notes
  • Pure integration with your LMS
  • Single Sign-On from desktops or mobile apps
  • And more!

Get your White Label Store started with your digital content!

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