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  • Eastern Body, Western Mind

    Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self
    by Anodea Judith
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $12.99 CAD
  • Anatomy of the Spirit

    The Seven Stages of Power and Healing
    by Caroline Myss
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $16.99 CAD
  • The Yoga of Breath

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Pranayama
    by Richard Rosen
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $22.99 CAD
  • Reiki in Clinical Practice

    A Science-Based Guide
    by Ann Baldwin
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $65.59 CAD
  • Mind Over Medicine - REVISED EDITION

    Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself
    by Lissa Rankin, M.D.
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $12.99 CAD
  • The Creation of Health

    The Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Responses That Promote Health and Healing
    by Caroline Myss; C. Norman Shealy, M.D.
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $15.99 CAD
  • Yoga as Medicine

    The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing
    by ; Timothy McCall
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $10.99 CAD
  • Principles of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

    What it is, how it works, and what it can do for you
    by Paul Millward; Lawrence Pagett
    • Format: Fixed
    • $29.86 CAD
  • Chakra Healing

    Renew Your Life Force with the Chakras' Seven Energy Centers
    by Betsy Rippentrop, Ph.D.; Eve Adamson
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $13.56 CAD
  • Protect Your Light

    A Practical Guide to Energy Protection, Cleansing, and Cutting Cords
    by George Lizos
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $27.00 CAD
  • The Devil Has a Son

    The 13th Step
    by William Amos Hagwood
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $9.99 CAD
  • Attunement

    Align with Your Source, Become Your Creator Self, and Manifest a Life You Love
    by Marisa Moris
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $12.99 CAD
  • In Focus Reiki

    Your Personal Guide
    by Des Hynes
    • Format: Fixed
    • $25.99 CAD
  • Real Energy

    Systems, Spirits, and Substances to Heal, Change, and Grow
    by Phaedra Bonewits; Isaac Bonewits
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $23.00 CAD
  • Reiki

    The Art of Healing, Yourself and Others
    by Dr. Anil Patil
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $6.78 CAD
  • The Chakras Handbook

    Tap into Your Body's Energy Centers for Well-Being, Manifestation, and Positive Energy
    by Athena Perrakis
    • Format: Fixed
    • $25.99 CAD
  • Whole-Pet Healing

    A Heart-to-Heart Guide to Connecting with and Caring for Your Animal Companion
    by Dennis W. Thomas, Dr.
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $12.99 CAD
  • The Art of Psychic Reiki

    Developing Your Intuitive and Empathic Abilities for Energy Healing
    by Lisa Campion
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $21.11 CAD
  • Complete Tai-Chi

    The Definitive Guide to Physical and Emotional Self-Improvement
    by Alfred Huang
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $25.99 CAD
  • When Spirit Leaps

    Navigating the Process of Spiritual Awakening
    by Bonnie L. Greenwell
    • Format: Reflowable
    • $19.21 CAD
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