VitalSource Affiliate Program

Program Details

VitalSource has partnered with one of the biggest names in affiliate marketing, Commission Junction. Commission Junction handles the details of VitalSource's program for its affiliates. Your application is reviewed after you register for the program. Approved applicants become VitalSource Affiliates, with full access to some of the most powerful affiliate marketing tools designed to get you the highest commissions.

As a VitalSource Affiliate, you'll get top-notch "creative": beautifully-designed website banners with powerful advertising messages to engage your visitors, text links with compelling messages encouraging your visitors to click, and unique "data feeds." These data feeds are great because they're individual descriptions of each VitalSource eTextbook and eResource title. The power of the data feeds lays in their ability to show your site's visitors any digital course material you elect. Want to promote a certain Biology eTextbook from VitalSource on your Biology-focused website? With data feeds, you can. You'll be able to show your site's visitors just the eTextbooks and eResources you want. Plus, VitalSource Affiliates get access to unique tracking and reporting tools through Commission Junction. These tools can assist you in optimizing your affiliate business.

As we introduce new promotions to VitalSource customers, we'll include these promotions in the affiliate area of your Commission Junction account, too. So, you'll always have the "latest and greatest" banners, links, and data feeds to help you. While you're working, we will be, too. We're continuing to grow our product catalog and are constantly working on growing our business. So, we'll update you along the way and tell you about new product or service offerings and improvements to our site.


VitalSource offers a flat 3% commission.


VitalSource eTextbooks cost up to 80% less than printed textbooks. VitalSource eTextbooks are available instantly and include free "in-book" tools like highlight, search, notes, cut-and-paste, all with no shipping charges. Access to VitalSource eTextbooks is available for reading online, offline or on a web enabled device. From time to time, VitalSource may run special promotions beyond these everyday savings such as percentage off or buy one get one for percentage off.

Monthly Newsletter

VitalSource Affiliates will receive a monthly newsletter with updates, current and upcoming promotions, news, and other interesting information to help you grow your commissions with VitalSource.

How It Works

  • Begin your affiliate application by using Join Now.
  • Your application will be reviewed by the VitalSource Affiliate Team.
  • You will receive an email notifying you of your application status within 48 hours.

We're Here to Help

Our Affiliate Management Team is happy to help. New and experienced affiliates can get assistance as well as ideas about how to grow your business with VitalSource. When you اتصل بنا, you'll usually receive an answer within two business days.

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